The Tech Shopping List Every SME Owner Needs

Technology has transformed the business outlook, offering SMEs the ability to reinvent way they operate. A key factor in improving one’s work efficiency is evolving to keep up with tech trends that offer high convenience, easy accessibility, and tight security.

We have shortlisted five different products that should help you adapt to the upward trend of technology:

Network Data Storages

External hard drives were the go-to for data storage, but for greater accessibility and efficiency, consider switching to network. Documents can be shared within a common network in the office, ensuring high-capacity storage and data protection. This also allows businesses to instantly send and receive large documents with ease, without having to consider file size limitations.

Network data storages like Dropbox, Drobo and Canon’s very own ThereforeDocument Solutions have innovated their systems to be dynamically expandable at any time. Web-based applications like Google Docs also allow documents to be accessed anytime and on the go. This mitigates the problem of a limited storage space, facilitating collaboration and work efficiency.

Short Throw Projectors

Meetings are part and parcel of conducting business. All SME owners can consider investing a short throw projector to facilitate meetings and presentations that are held in smaller meeting rooms.


Especially in Singapore where space is a scarce resource, short throw projectors can resolve the long distance typically needed from projector to screen. The ultra short throw Canon LV-WX300UST requires just a close proximity of 28.2cm from the screen to produce high quality images with a projection of up to 80 inches.

Say goodbye to blurred screens, shadows or lights shining on a presenter’s face – short throw projectors are the solution to common frustrations of office presentations.

Video Conferencing Systems

Businesses now need to conduct international calls and discussions across various countries. Consider a video-conferencing system to extend communication across the globe without compromising on convenience.

The Acer Information VC520 comes packaged with a camera, a built-in microphone,and a speaker altogether. All you will need is a Wi-Fi connection to experience virtual meetings at the comfort of your own desk. This allows for SMEs with global client portfolios to stay connected, build rapport with face-to-face communication, and accelerate the speed of business.

Hybrid Laptop-Tablets

Get the best of both worlds with the new hybrid of laptops and tablets. These 2-in-1 laptops can either be flipped 180 degrees, or completely detached to function as a tablet.

Products like Acer Aspire Switch and Microsoft Surface Book i7 offer optimal lightweight and portability. Thus, users can switch from personal use to give presentations style, depending on their immediate needs. This can be especially helpful for design agencies that require the switch from laptop to tablet mode for design and illustration purposes. Pair it with a stylus and bid farewell to external graphic design drawing pads.

Multi-Functional Printers

Gone are days where functions like scanning, faxing, printing and photocopying were only available on separate machines – a multi-functional printer integrates all these needs into one. With wireless connectivity also available, documents can be accessed with a computer or smartphone in the presence of a WiFi connection.


Multi-functional devices like the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE series offer power paper-handling with fast print speeds. These multi-functional printers come with a simple user interface that make it hassle-free to either print, copy, scan, or fax.

Functionality, convenience, and quality come assured with multi-functional printers, allowing you greater work efficiency to prosper.

Office equipment and infrastructure is but one of many considerations to improve the efficiency of your SME; for more business solutions, do follow Canon Singapore on LinkedIn!