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Today’s apprehension on technological advancements comes as no surprise. They have their benefits by making our everyday lives that little

Technology has transformed the business outlook, offering SMEs the ability to reinvent way they operate. A key factor in improving

Last month’s edition of Canon’s Think Big Leadership Business Series was themed Transformation Now, and several SME business owners were

The advent and subsequent ubiquity of social media has caused multiple upheavals over the years in the business landscape. Facebook

By Vincent Low As technology innovations continue to impact an increasing number of industries at breakneck speed, it is imperative for

Businesses today are caught in the currents of disruption and transformation. Fortunately, technology has been improving steadily and favourably to give

The term “social responsibility” has become more prevalent amongst businesses and organizations, especially since the environment started seeing complex changes

The first and the last thing you would observe daily of our Canon offices is the mural just next to

All businesses aim for repeat customers – after all, it costs much less to continue to sell to an existing