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Quality customer service doesn’t only mean responding quickly to customer queries, it also requires businesses to ensure that their customers

The advent and subsequent ubiquity of social media has caused multiple upheavals over the years in the business landscape. Facebook

Main story Despite being relatively shielded from disruptive forces, law and accounting firms would do well to plan ahead for leaner

Admit it. We are a lazy bunch spoilt by the convenience of wireless and hassle-free technology. We exploit every advantage

Building a good brand name means gaining the trust and loyalty of your customers. One of the leading ways in

Word of Mouth is defined as the communicating of product or service information from one consumer to another. To market

So you’ve jumped on the social media bandwagon and created Facebook and Twitter pages for your business. But how do

Whether it’s a small company or a multi-national corporation, technology plays an essential role in any business. This is why