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Ryan Huber loves his meat. His immense love for meat delicacies has driven Huber’s Butchery to be a well-loved brand

Overlooking the shimmering waters of the bay and the sprawling silky skyline of the nation’s meridian, the Marina Mandarin Singapore

After years of experiencing constant growth, businesses in Singapore will be facing a slowing economy in 2017. With analysts trimming

In the Central Business District (CBD), space comes at a premium. According to Straits Times, the monthly rent for CBD

Have you ever noticed the number of surveillance cameras installed at MRT stations? With so many of them pointed at

Everybody knows the value of video surveillance. In the case of car accidents, it is always useful to have some

Back in April 2016, major news organisations like The Independent and CNBC ran a story about how a man, who

Canon champions your company with creative productivity, security and mobility To compete effectively in today’s world, you and your company should