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Products and services dominate industry markets – but what if there was a way to combine both into a single

It goes without saying that management plays a significant role in employee drive and motivation. Motivation intrinsically links to growth

Global phenomena and bestselling author Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm with her famous KonMari method which places

As the financial year is coming to a close, many new businesses are starting to evaluate their overall cost spending.

by Vincent Low An old pal of mine recently broke some bad news to me – after more than 10 years

You know what comes after a long break. Jet-lag and inertia are just some of the many ‘ailments’ that riddle

Sometimes, we tend to take the convenience of digitisation for granted. We appreciate how it has made our lives easier

We live in a world where the future is digital. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and more companies

by Vincent Low   Happy new year to all! I hope you took the time to relax and catch up with old

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