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You know what comes after a long break. Jet-lag and inertia are just some of the many ‘ailments’ that riddle

In a world where everyone strives to find a fast-track way to the top, Vincent Low took the unconventional route

Main story Despite being relatively shielded from disruptive forces, law and accounting firms would do well to plan ahead for leaner

Singapore’s startup ecosystem is alive and kicking. According to Tech in Asia’s1 recent findings, ecommerce and transportation verticals like Lazada.sg

‘Efficiency’ is a word that is frequently discussed among management. From the number of tasks designated to staff members, to

There’s something about honesty that always is beautiful. It is both undeniable and unequivocal. That is why when it comes

Admit it. We are a lazy bunch spoilt by the convenience of wireless and hassle-free technology. We exploit every advantage

Nobody ever tells you how much he or she hates being a boss. You usually hear the good parts. (No,

Sometimes, a click is all that separates you from a beautiful reality. PurpleClick shortens that distance between clicker and “clickee”,