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Cyber-security has become a hot topic with the rise in cyber attacks and personal data infringement cases in recent years.

Over the past couple years, we’ve witnessed some of the biggest and most disturbing cyberattacks since the dawn of the

Prevention is better than cure – this old adage perhaps best describes the ideal strategy towards cyberthreats. Cyberattacks show no

By Vincent Low In the information age, having proper business security measures, particularly data security, is essential to running an organisation.

Human oversight is one of the leading causes of data and information breaches, and that extends to businesses as well.

Despite technology becoming a ubiquitous presence in modern society, many users still remain unaware of cybersecurity threats, even dismissing their

In today’s information-dependent age, lies an increasing vulnerability to the data we store online. Once set in motion, technology advances

The cyberattack into MINDEF’s personnel files demonstrates one thing: the competency and threat of hackers are on the rise. It