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In an increasingly collaborative business landscape, the ability to speak to a large public audience is more useful than ever

Globally, Singapore boasts one of the highest female representations at CEO level. Canon Singapore’s very own Ms. Noriko Gunji, President

The cyberattack into MINDEF’s personnel files demonstrates one thing: the competency and threat of hackers is on the rise. It

In a business landscape dominated by large companies with larger budgets, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) may struggle to establish their

It’s no secret that a great leader can inspire greatness in others. Yet it remains an age-old question: What makes

It has come to that time of the year again where businesses need to pause and reevaluate their performance thus

Technology has transformed the business outlook, offering SMEs the ability to reinvent way they operate. A key factor in improving

Last month’s edition of Canon’s Think Big Leadership Business Series was themed Transformation Now, and several SME business owners were

The advent and subsequent ubiquity of social media has caused multiple upheavals over the years in the business landscape. Facebook