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Small Yet Mighty: New MAXIFY Printers Have It All

In the Central Business District (CBD), space comes at a premium. According to Straits Times, the monthly rent for CBD offices in the first quarter of this year was $9.90/ft2. If you do the calculations, a 1,000ft2 office will cost you just shy of $10,000 per month — assuming you can fit every employee into the shoebox. That is part of the reason why office devices must perform double, even triple duties to do a lot with very little.

If that sounds more than a little familiar, then Canon’s latest models in the MAXIFY range may just be the printers your SME needs.

Here are the features that set the MAXIFY MB5470, MB5170 and the single-function printer iB4170 apart from all the rest.

canon-paper-confidential-_f_hrFeeling Secure

The standout feature of the new MAXIFY printers is the one overlooked by most printers: security. Basic security features found in the larger multifunctional printers have been adapted to fit these new MAXIFY models. For example, as administrator, you will be able to manage multiple devices via popular fleet management applications, which helps to maintain data security. If you are running a smaller office, for example, individual printers can also be monitored over a local network via any web browser. Further security features may also be implemented, such as restricting copying, scanning to USB flash drives and changing of LAN settings to specific employees.

Printing Woes, Be Gone!

If you had a 50-page document to scan within the next hour, a conventional printer is just not going to make the cut. The MB5470 and MB5170, on the other hand, have one-pass two-sided scanning capabilities built right in for maximum productivity. This means that scanning, copying or faxing those tricky two-sided documents can be done in a single pass, making it a breeze for businesses with high-volume printing needs.

Good for Environment = Good for Business

The new MAXIFY models are also built with cost efficiency in mind. In terms of energy consumption, all three models use about 0.9W on standby — that’s about the average amount a computer uses on Sleep Mode. Not only that, standard printers usually requires a change of ink cartridges after printing about 1,000 black-and-white pages. The MB5470 and MB5370 models, on the other hand, yield 2,500 black-and-white pages before a replacement is needed — you save nearly 50% of the cost per print! Not only is this good for the business, it is good for the environment also. It’s a win-win situation.

Designing and building multifunctional printers for businesses around the world have taught us a great many things. As part of our mission to constantly innovate and improve our product line-up, the new MAXIFY models represent an accumulation of all our best ideas over the years. That way, no matter the size and nature of your business, we have a printer ready just for you.

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