The Future of Projection Technology

Canon’s Short-Throw Projector and Presenter Show A Promising Glimpse Into the Future

The future of interactive teaching and learning is about to go through makeshift changes with the Canon’s Short-Throw Projector (LV-WX300USTi). This state-of-the-art interactive technology allows its users to create an immersive, engaging, and collaborative experience that promises a new dimension to educational and corporate presentation, and teaching and training programs.

It’s taught by Training Industry that the average adult’s ability to sustain attention lingers around the 20-minute mark, risking the subject’s learning capabilities to meander off after just 20 minutes.

Canon’s innovation with their projector and presenter pairing revolutionises how presentations are given, and how information is presented, all by enhancing and encouraging audience interactions.

In a conversation we had with Sebastian Tay, Creative Director at DW WORKSHOP, light was shed on day-to-day constraints that disrupted common workflow necessities.

“Having a new setup, we faced problems with our space configurations, which led to limited ways of presenting information,” said Tay, which emphasised the useful Ultra Short-Throw feature of the LV-WX300USTi projector. This feature eliminates space limitations by its ability to project 80” diagonal images when the projector is placed just 11” from the screen.

The other features that come with are equally cutting edge. The projection essentially becomes a huge writing board, and with its one touch solution. This grants the ability to make real-time edits to documents, be it an Excel spreadsheet, or a PDF file. Up to four users can write or draw on the projection at the same time with its Finger Touch module, creating a more engaging and interactive experience in a team environment.

Live recording of any presentation makes it all the easier to share the presentations right away, and the integral brightness of projection is powered by 3000 lumens, adding the necessary force to the presentation. That, in turn, is matched by the sensitivity of the projection, making each edit and presentation seamless.

“With the latest technology, it helps us with productivity and the ability to adapt to today’s fast moving information world,” continued Tay, adding on to the immediacy that Canon has provided. “We’ve known Canon for their ability to produce good colours, from their cameras, printers, and down to their projectors.”

“It is important that we don’t spend unnecessary amounts from our budget on products that are unable to support us in maximising needs, efficiency, and the ease of use.”

Quite rightly so; the LV-WX300USTi starts you off with impeccable ease in installation and calibration, making the interface all the simpler to access.

Mr. Tay paid homage to Canon’s innovation and service excellence, the qualities that have kept him a loyal patron of Canon from 2004.

“We have good support from the Canon staff who have helped us in introducing the right projectors by duly understanding our challenges,” Tay ends. “We appreciate the long term support that we have been getting from Canon since our days of using their copier back in 2004.”

Along with the LV-WX300USTi projector, Canon’s Presenter (PR-1000R) allows for easier transition between slides and pages in a document more coherent and flawless.

In today’s world, where the paradigm of presentations is bordering on change, Canon’s short-throw projector and presenter force the issue with interactive learning experience, almost creating a new-age learning environment.

Such innovation in a constantly improving world doesn’t come about without Thinking Big. With Canon, the future looks all the brighter.