Reimagining XEED Projection Technology for Your Business

As communication becomes increasingly image-heavy today, it’s hard to ignore visuals that are pixelated – especially when technology can now produce images with crystal clear definition. Whether you’re trying to pitch, persuade or even educate, clear and crisp visual elements are undoubtedly the foundation for a positive and successful presentation.

Here at Canon, we specialise in providing tools that help you achieve picture-perfect visuals. Tapping on state-of-the-art technology, our latest 4K LCOS projectors, the XEED 4K6020Z and XEED 4K5020Z, are making waves in this field. How well can these projectors fit in your business?

More than just a Business Pitch or Presentation

With more than 4 million people owning a smart device in Singapore alone,  smartphones are undeniably our generation’s latest phenomenon. For businesses, this means that your clients and customers are used to seeing vibrant, high-quality visuals. Pixelated, and out-of-focus visuals may come across as cheap and unprofessional.

Thanks to the Canon XEED 4K6020Z’s and XEED 4K5020Z’s in-built native 4K resolution colour quality, rest assured that your audience will be fully focused on the clarity and colour accuracy of your presentation. Amped up with your choice of 7 easy-fit, motorised Canon lenses, you can expect these powerful projectors to deliver high-definition, bright and stunning results.

The Versatile Choice for Every Environment

Have an unorthodox surface you need to project on? The Canon XEED 4K6020Z and XEED 4K5020Z fit perfectly in any complex setting, such as gallery showcases or art installations. Not only are these the smallest and lightest 4K projectors in their class, they also cater for flexible projection orientations together with Canon’s latest high-end 4K resolution lens, the RS-SL07RST, creating beautiful images on any and every surface.

With its Unique Marginal Focus feature, the RS-SL07RST lens is specially designed for uneven surfaces, maintaining focus in the centre of an image even when its peripheral focus has been adjusted. Equipped with a UD (ultra-low dispersion) lens, the RS-SL07RST also reduces colour shift and bleeding, maintaining sharp and crisp visuals.

This Canon projector and lens combination is perfect for unconventional environments like art installations or gallery showcases. With installation flexibility, these projectors can be set-up in both landscape or portrait modes, even accommodating for various formats such as vertical stacking, ceiling installation, downward projection and more. 360-degree projection can even be achieved with the XEED 4K5020Z – making it truly an outstanding, all-rounded projector!

Make Learning Come to Life

In order to keep up with the increasingly digitalised society, schools have started turning towards technology to help prepare and empower students for the world of tomorrow. Devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops are commonplace across our local schools, bringing visual learning to the forefronts of educational strategies. That’s where the XEED 4K6020Z and 4K5020Z come in – high-definition images are a must for precision education, and with its durable 20,000-hour utility, these sturdy projectors are great learning companions for the next generation.

The two projectors also come equipped with the DICOM Simulation Mode. Designed to handle, store, print and transmit medical imaging information, the DICOM Simulation Mode enhances digital images, X-rays and scans during medical training, a must-have for professionals in the medical education industry.*

*The XEED 4K6020Z and XEED 4K5020Z are not medical devices and cannot be used for medical diagnosis.

Canon’s XEED 4K6020Z and XEED 4K5020Z deliver outstanding clarity and visually arresting projections no matter the environment. Contact our sales professionals here to find out how you can tell a more engaging story with this series today!

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