Orchid Country Club: A Touch of Class With The imageCLASS MF515x

Roots Of An Orchid

Orchid Country Club was established in 1993 from humble origins. Then President of Singapore and NTUC Secretary-General, Mr Ong Teng Cheong, held an undying passion for two things: his avid love for the game of golf, and his benevolence for the working class, who painstakingly laid the foundations for Singapore’s prosperity as a nation. Believing that Singapore’s success is shared by all Singaporeans including the working class, Mr Ong founded Orchid Country Club to bring luxury – and in particular, golf – affordably to Singaporean workers; in his words, “golf will no longer be a game for the executives only.”

Orchid Country Club has come a long way since then. Apart from its three 9-hole courses, current facilities also include a 36-lane bowling alley, an Olympic sized swimming pool, karaoke suites and a gymnasium. Staying true to their modest vision of affordable accessibility, Orchid Country Club still boasts some of the most competitive rates among local country clubs, and has seen its membership numbers rise to over 3000 present-day.

With this growing customer base, inevitably comes growing demands in administrative and logistical management. To maintain the efficiency of its processes, Orchid Country Club has turned to Canon for their printing and imaging needs, utilizing the imageCLASS MF515x.



Canon imageCLASS MF515x

Value-Add In Many Aspects

“Efficiency is the key to any organization.” Eunice Seoh, Orchid Country Club’s Head of Social & Recreation, mirrors the prevalent sentiment of modern business leaders with that statement. She proceeded to describe Canon’s role in that function, “With the new printer (imageCLASS MF515x), time spent in waiting and errors made are reduced. With the duplex printing and scanning function, it does help us save time and paper.”

Another benefit Orchid Country Club is reaping from the Canon imageCLASS MF515x is its ability to produce higher quality prints. Seoh recalled, “We used to have a simple printer that only provided basic functions such as print and scan. With the new Canon printer, we are able to produce better printed images and accept higher GSM papers, increasing the quality of our printing which allows my team to develop our own marketing material in-house.” Fewer printing errors and wastages, as well as being equipped to create in-house print materials, have also contributed to cumulative cost reductions.

Being in the hospitality industry, Seoh knows good service when she sees it, and readily acknowledges the swiftness and proficiency of Canon’s service staff. “The call centre has always been very polite and prompt. They will always come within the same day to attend to any issues with our printers. This makes our job much at ease.” It seems, for Orchid Country Club to provide quality frontline service, Canon’s backend support is vital as well.