New Majestic Hotel: Overcoming Distance with The XEED WX450ST Projector

On the weekend of the 27th and 28th of May, the New Majestic Hotel saw its swan song after 11 years of operation. Multiply: A Majestic Playground was a rich and vibrant one-time-only takeover of the building as over 50 of Singapore’s most inspiring artists, designers, makers, craftsmen, and chefs came together to tell their stories in their own brilliant way.

Past the purple-hued corridors and rooms with makeshift tattoo studios, awaited a message in room 401, called Bejeweled: Majestic Edition for the weekend. Tan Yang Er, affectionately going by Yang, was given the liberty to transform her room in any way she wanted her story told.

“The theme for the event is Play; to get people to come out and play, so I thought everyone must be familiar with Bejeweled!” explained Yang. Bejeweled, of course, is the popular tile-matching puzzle video game first developed in 2001. Yang went on to organise the room in similar kaleidoscopic fashion as the game, but found herself with one missing piece to the puzzle.

“I usually work with nature, but I wanted to make this as immersive as I could. I could have painted a visual background, but what’s the kick? That’s why I needed projections, sounds, and lights to make it more multi-dimensional.”


Yang’s need for tech support came with a caveat; the space constraints of the room. She needed to project a full-sized visual on the room’s wall with just 2.8 meters of the room to play with. A typical projector would require over five meters to project a visual that is three meters wide, and that would not cut it for Yang’s exhibit to work to full effect.

Canon stepped in with the XEED WX450ST Projector. Equipped with the Short-Throw feature, it eliminates space limitations by displaying two-metre diagonal images when placed just over a metre from the screen. Its AISYS optical system, the latest and most efficient of Canon’s optical technologies, features 4500 lumens of projection brightness and a 2000:1 contrast ratio, hence delivering accurately vivid colours. In addition, its LCOS display technology facilitates smooth and seamless imaging with the professional-quality optics of this projector far exceeding the resolution of conventional 4K digital equipment.

“I had no idea there was so much to learn about projectors!” Yang laughed. Indeed, Canon’s short-throw projector comes as a game-changer, encouraging new-age learning environments facilitated by presentations. Yang herself found the projector fruitful to tell her story the only way she wanted to. Yang was inspired by her travels, always looking to bring stories back home and sharing them through technicoloured shapes and sounds.

“I’m all for creating a world to tell a story, and that means involving most of our senses. Canon’s Short-Throw Projector features allowed me to create just the immersive experience I needed to share,” Yang looked delighted to share.

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