KidZania Singapore & Pictureworks Singapore: Delivering the Best in Imaging and Printing Solutions


Dr. Seuss, the popular children’s book writer has perhaps succinctly reminded the essentiality of fun learning. Actualizing fun into learning, KidZania Singapore is an interactive indoor theme park where children independently explore within the child-sized city furnished with buildings, paved streets as well as vehicles. In it, children aged 4-17 choose from a range of 60 jobs crafted in close collaborations with real-world brands, understand the inner-workings of a city as they learn through play and develop important life skills that are not easily learned through books. The fast growing edutainment facility is one of its kind in Singapore, welcoming more than 600 school groups so far and having its membership programme grown from the opening month, reaching more than 18,000 kids in May 2017.

Resonating KidZania values to foster the development of life skill through play, Canon Singapore joined partnership with the establishment as early as 2013, forming the Canon Imaging Academy’s studio, modeling after realism that is synonymous with the Canon branding.  Albeit child-sized, the studio replicates scrupulously to what real-life actual studio entails, ranging from Canon photo vests, dry box cabinet as well as imaging products such as Canon’s cameras and printers. In a group of six per activity, the children take turns to role play as models and photographers, shooting on the EOS 750D and posing for the camera. Thereafter, the photos are printed on the PIXMA G3000, guided by well-trained KidZania Singapore supervisors (also known as Zupervisors), learning the full workflow of photography – from shoot to print.


We sat down Mr. Leong and Ms. Jenny Tay, respectively General Manger of KidZania Singapore and CEO of Pictureworks Group, for further chats on how partnership with the Canon Imaging Academy’s studio has value-added the establishment and their working partnerships with Canon to date.

Mr. Leong Yue Weng
General Manager, KidZania Singapore


What is your role within KidZania?

In KidZania Cities across the globe, all General Managers are titled as the Mayor of the city, and our core focus is to create an environment for kids to learn through play and develop life skills as they live out their aspirations.

Are prints important? What are the printing demands like?

With a unique City backdrop and more than 60 realistic role-play activities for kids to dress up to, photo moments are guaranteed in KidZania Singapore. In addition to lessons and life skills, kids can also take home a range of giveaways upon completion of their role-play activities, such as their very own Newspaper when they role-play as a Journalist, or an A5 high resolution photo when they role-play as a Photojournalist at Canon Imaging Academy.

Such giveaways mean the world to kids, which is why we have turned to Canon’s printers to produce high quality prints that is worthy of the effort that each kid has put in to their chosen role-play activity. Different printer models have been installed to address different printing needs. For example, Canon’s PIXMA G3000 printer is used at the Canon Imaging Academy’s studio to efficiently handle heavy printing volume while maintaining low running cost and photo quality.


How has Canon differentiated from the rest?

In a City that is built for kids to learn through real-world experiences, it is just as important to provide content and equipment that supports a high level of realism, as it is to ensure that kids are able to complete a range of tasks with relative ease.

Canon’s easy to use camera categories and ability to effectively produce high quality prints through its printers made it a natural choice of KidZania Singapore. Canon has also proven to be a very valuable Industry Partner for its keen business acumen and we will continue to explore how we can leverage on both our strengths to further business opportunities.

Ms. Jenny Tay
CEO, Pictureworks Groups


Tell us more about Pictureworks and your role.

Pictureworks is in the business to provide customized imaging solutions for theme parks such as KidZania, supporting her needs with the latest technology in memory capture. As the Chief Executive Office of the group, I am responsible for the end to end operations as well as the partnership with theme parks and various stakeholders.

How do Canon imaging products play a part in your business?

Canon meets and far exceeds expectations. Customers expects high image quality output in comparison to smart phones camera and I am very happy that Canon imaging products did exactly that. We have guests asking if the Canon prints are scratch-resistant and are pleasantly how well it withstands scratches overtime. Increasingly they grow confident of work produced by Pictureworks.  

How is efficiency important to the operations of Pictureworks?

In theme parks, parents are eager to see the pictures as soon as the photos are taken. We promptly attended to this need by developing PictureAir an online system which images can be viewed as quickly as they have been captured through the tap on KidZania’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Bracelet at every photo shop within KidZania. The RFID security bracelet is tagged on every child’s wrist and the child is only allowed to leave the park with an adult if his/her bracelet matches that of the adult who accompanied them.

What’s the business outlook of Pictureworks in relation with Canon?

Leveraging on the past 5 years working partnership with Canon, and having worked together on every park project we have undertaken, we will want to step foot with Canon on the global scene with other projects. We are confident to work well together moving forward.

For more information on the aforementioned PIXMA G series, watch the video below to find out more:

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