KidZania: A Perfect Projection of the Future with the Canon’s XEED WUX7000Z Laser Projector

Offering nothing less than outstanding clarity, impressive short-throw ratio and laser-sharp resolution, Canon’s XEED WUX7000Z laser projector never fails to impress. In KidZania Singapore, an interactive indoor theme park built for kids to immerse in different real-world jobs through realistic role-play, big dreams start here!  Hence, it is of utmost importance to provide high-quality projections to create the most realistic simulations for our visitors.

To find out more about how the current Canon and KidZania Singapore partnership goes beyond Canon’s Imaging Academy role-play offering, we headed down to the City located on Sentosa and had a chat with Mr Leong Yue Weng, General Manager of KidZania Singapore, where he told us more about KidZania Singapore’s experience with Canon’s products and services, particularly the XEED WUX7000Z.

Can you elaborate on your day-to-day role within KidZania Singapore? What are some of your responsibilities?

Yue Weng: As the General Manager of KidZania Singapore, I oversee and manage the corporate direction and strategy at KidZania Singapore, facilitating both commercial and operational aspects.

What were some of the challenges faced before adopting Canon’s XEED WUX7000Z Laser Projector? Were there any image quality issues or other concerns?

Yue Weng: Other than the projectors situated in our office, we also need projectors in the City, especially when we host events for our corporate clients. Prior to having Canon’s XEED WUX7000Z, we did not have any in-house capabilities and had to rent projectors from an external events company, hence did not have much control over the projection quality and type of equipment provided.

Most of the time the projectors provided are not short-throw – we had to deploy it from a distance to achieve a large format. People were walking across the projections as well, which wasn’t ideal in an area with limited space.

Upon adopting Canon’s XEED WUX7000Z laser projector, we found that it has greatly scaled up our projections and images; it has a very short throw distance of less than two metres and grants us crisp and clear projections in our desired lighting effect and resolution. Working with Canon provides us with the ability to showcase top-notch imaging and display technology to our customers and valued partners at any time!

For KidZania Singapore, user experience is obviously very important. How important is it to have the right technologies in place to ensure an unforgettable experience for the visitors?

Yue Weng: As a City built for kids, we pride ourselves in selecting real-word equipment that will not only enhance the realistic role-play experience for kids but one that is also easy for kids to operate and understand.

On the corporate event front, we also need to be at the forefront when it comes to technology, to ensure that we deliver a memorable event experience for the guests. Working with Canon helps us to achieve that.

What is KidZania Singapore’s relationship with Canon? Beyond product excellence, can you describe the service that Canon provides as well?

Yue Weng: At KidZania Singapore, we strongly believe in collaborating with all our industry partners to achieve win-win outcomes. Canon is our valued industry partner. Beyond offering kids a realistic role-play experience as a Photojournalist and Photography Student, Canon also supports our various holiday programmes such as the recent KidZ & Heritage programme.

Other than using Canon’s imaging services and projectors, we also use Canon to print all our kidZo notes, KidZania’s official currency.

In line with KidZania’s tagline ‘Get Ready for a Better World’ and Canon’s tagline ‘Working Together for a Better Future’, Canon offers premium quality products at a competitive price, along with excellent service standards.

Canon provides us with impeccable service; the team I liaise with have been nothing but supportive. In the event where Canon does not have the services that we require, they help us to outsource and look for other vendors that can help us and fulfill our requirements.

They’ve also invited us to the Canon Think Big Business Leadership Series conferences where we get to learn more about the latest technologies and trends, which is important for us to keep ourselves relevant. I really look forward to working with Canon to bring new technology to the children.

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