Highlights from Canon’s Think Big Leadership Business Series 2019: Building Your Super Highway to 2020


What impact does the Trade War between the US and China have on your business? How can businesses best prepare themselves to stay ahead and in the face of looming uncertainties? What role will digitalisation play in the midst of all of these?

Held on 23 and 24 May 2019 at Marina Mandarin Singapore, Canon’s Think Big Leadership Business Series 2019: Building Your Super Highway to 2020 saw a panel of esteemed speakers tackling such questions along with an array of topics from trade war impact to the changing nature of the workforce. As specialists in their field, speakers were also not shy in doling out advice to the audience in this two-day event.

This event also saw a showcase of Canon’s technologies, such as our newest printers: the new PIXMA G series, imageCLASS Laser Printers, WG Business Inkjet Series, and imagePRESS C910 series Production Colour Printers, as well as Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless cameras, the Canon EOS R & RP. The latest in Canon’s innovations were put on display at exclusive booths outside the Marina Mandarin Ballroom, allowing participants to mingle around and learn more about their business solutions before the conference began.

Canon Think Big Leadership Business Series 2019: Building Your Superhighway to 2020 Tech Showcase
The latest in Canon's printing innovations
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Day 1 of the Think Big business conference focused on Leveraging Technology in Business Transformation. Speakers Dr Tan Kee Wee, Independent Economist of Waveney Economics, Mr Teo Ser Luck, Entrepreneur and Member of Parliament, Mr Devadas Krishnadas, CEO of Future-Moves Group and Mr Philip Lim, CEO of A*ccelerate Technologies Pte Ltd, A*STAR, shared keen insights on how digital transformation has the potential to change and disrupt businesses.

Canon Think Big Leadership Business Series 2019: Building Your Superhighway to 2020 Day 1 Speakers
Dr Tan Kee Wee, Independent Economist, Waveney Economics
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After a warm welcome by Mr Vincent Low, Canon Singapore’s Director and General Manager of Business Imaging Solutions, Dr Tan Kee Wee got the ball rolling by touching on the topic of the US-China trade war. He gave a deeper insight on the import and export situation between two of the world’s largest economic giants, sharing how the implementation of trade tariffs would impact businesses and the economy.

Mr Teo Ser Luck added his take on how to survive continuous economic shifts, and making use of technology to improve business processes and workplace efficiency. Using his food e-commerce business as an example, he emphasised the need for companies to embrace change to keep up in our dynamic economy, exploiting business strategies that can adapt to the ever-changing tastes, patterns and needs of the consumer.

Mr Devadas Krishnadas underscored that everyone is a stakeholder in the future. He urged business leaders to become more involved in contributing expertise and shared knowledge, reiterating that while technology is an important tool, the human element is the main driving force of the future economy.

This was followed up by Mr Philip Lim, who gave advice on productising services, sharing insights on where and how businesses can seek help in doing so. He appealed for businesses to adopt the ‘start-up mentality’, encouraging them to produce something fresh and new in order to create impactful change.

Canon Think Big Leadership Business Series 2019: Building Your Superhighway to 2020 Day 1 Panel
Panel Q&A
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Day 1 concluded with a panel discussion moderated by Dawn Tan from CNA, who led the panelists through a series of thought-provoking questions which unveiled more insights related to digital solutions, its impact, and the importance of embracing technology for business success.

After an opening address by Mr Vincent Low, Day 2 speakers Mr Song Seng Wun, Economist, CIMB Private Banking, Mr Ang Yuit, Vice President of ASME, Mr Abraham Thomas, Managing Director of IBM Singapore and Mr Patrick Tay, Assistant Secretary-General, NTUC and Member of Parliament came together to provide a greater understanding on the topic of the pros and pitfalls of digitalisation.

Canon Think Big Leadership Business Series 2019: Building Your Superhighway to 2020 Day 2 Speakers
Mr Vincent Low, Director and General Manager of Business Imaging Solutions, Canon Singapore
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Mr Song Seng Wun kickstarted the day’s seminar by providing brief insights on our economic outlook. Besides addressing the concerns of a possible economic downturn as an effect of the US-China trade war, Mr Song was also quick to point out a silver lining in the form of increased job opportunities and improved investment flows.

Mr Ang Yuit spoke next on how businesses need to go beyond low-hanging fruit in order to attain large-scale transformation. He acknowledged that SMEs make up the heart of the Singapore economy, and in order to keep that beating and thriving, business leaders must be ready to scale up and welcome digitalisation. He also emphasised the need for businesses to build on their own core-competencies instead of relying on instant solutions.

Amidst the talk of technology and solutions, Mr Abraham Thomas’ speech made a refreshingly important point on the importance of employee loyalty for success. Mr Thomas shared that loyalty can be rewarded through 3 easy steps: by making sure employees are empowered, engaged and enthusiastic. He also declared that a business may have the best strategies in the world, but all would account for nothing without the right employees, as people are the ones who make all the difference.

Finally, Mr Patrick Tay wrapped up the day’s speeches by shedding light on how the Labour Movement is dedicated to helping business enterprises take off and reach their potential. Like Mr Ang, he also called to attention the role of the individual and the mindset of lifelong learning in order to stay ahead and be ready in the uncertain times ahead.

Canon Think Big Leadership Business Series 2019: Building Your Superhighway to 2020 Day 2 Panel
Panel Q&A
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Day 2 concluded with a panel discussing the pros and pitfalls of digitalisation, which apart from the day’s speakers also included Ms Lillian Koh, Chief Executive Officer of Fintech Academy. It was a fruitful discussion, with members of the audience engaging speakers with challenging questions that gave way to profound responses.

Participants departed with a treasure trove of learnings, eye-opening perspectives, gentle reminders and confidence on how to stay abreast. We’re already looking forward to the next edition of the Think Big Leadership Business Series!

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