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Video Surveillance: The Saving Grace of All Businesses

Everybody knows the value of video surveillance. In the case of car accidents, it is always useful to have some form of video evidence at hand, just in case the other party (or parties) decide to shy away from their responsibilities. In fact, it is not uncommon for car owners to have video surveillance equipment installed in every which direction inside the car — you can never be too careful, it seems!  Read More

‘Uberisation’ of professional services brings challenges and opportunities

Standfirst: Law and accounting firms have to adapt and make use of technology early, not shun it until their fields are disrupted, say experts at a recent panel  Read More

Ahead of the Game: Disruptive Innovation and What You Can Do About It Right Now

A literal disruption is the last thing anybody wants when it comes to business operations. Anytime established processes are forced to halt or go through radical overhauls, we become resistant to the idea — and understandably so.  Read More

How SMEs Should Boost R&D to Expand Overseas

At the 2016 Think Big Convention, a common hot topic across various presentations and discussions was Singapore’s economic outlook — and for good reason.  Read More

What is Kyosei? – Canon’s Core Philosophy and Dedication to Sustainability

The morning segment of the 2016 Think Big Convention at Canon Singapore’s headquarters was extra special, and it is not just because breakfast was served in ornate bento boxes. A topic, in particular, dominated the discussions, concerning small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and multinational corporations (MNCs) alike: sustainability reporting.  Read More

Think Big Convention 2016

The future is here, and again, we're sailing together in the global sea of uncertainty. The question is: how do we make use of what we know and don’t?  Read More

The THINK BIG Entrepreneurs Convention 2014 – Know Today’s Customer

Customers in this day and age are a whole different breed. They are tech-savvy, have easy access to online media and are constantly on the move.  Read More

The THINK BIG Entrepreneurs Convention 2014

Whether you are in retail or B2B, service or F&B, your customer today is an evolved entity. Understanding her profile is only the first step to closing a sale. The more important question is how to reach, convert and retain them.  Read More

The THINK BIG Entrepreneurs Convention 2013 – Discovering the New Normal

What is the new normal? Can a traditional enterprise successfully transition to the new normal? How can a business adapt to the new normal? A wider business arena and more competitive players may define the new normal, but with tools that encourage greater productivity and efficiency, businesses have a chance to compete.  Read More

The THINK BIG Entrepreneurs Convention 2013

Disruptive, revolutionary, tech-savvy, today’s technopreneurs are changing the way business is done and consumers are responding with unbridled enthusiasm. Can mainstream businesses and technopreneurs actually exchange business practices to perform better?  Read More