Canon’s New PIXMA High-Volume G Series – Solving your Ink Problems and More

There’s no denying that refilling printer ink is a common malady in every office. From staining your documents and hands with ink due to overfilling, the whole experience is often blotchy, time-consuming and very frustrating. Our standard of living has vastly improved in today’s digital age, but why is this simple task so difficult and annoyingly messy?

We’re here to address your printer woes with our new PIXMA G Series inkjet printers the PIXMA G6070, G5070, and GM2070. These new printers will not only put an end to your ink refilling troubles but also propel your print experience to the 21st century.

“My printer seems like it’s running low on ink all the time – especially when I have important reports to print.”

If you’re tired of changing your ink cartridges all the time, why not change your printer? The PIXMA G6070, G5070, and GM2070 are designed for high-volume printing, which means that you don’t have to think about refilling the printer’s ink for a long, long time. Enjoy both quantity and quality with these ink-efficient printers, which can deliver up to 8,300 monochrome printouts and 7,700 coloured pages on a set of four ink bottles. That’s over 10x more pages than a standard ink cartridge talk about cost-savings!

“Ink refills can sometimes be a cause for concern. I want my hands and clothes to be ink-free!”

Our brand new spill-resistant ink bottle design will make sure that your hands and clothes stay clean and pristine. Without the need to squeeze your ink bottles, refilling has never been so mess-free. The ink will stop automatically when the ink tank is full, reducing the risk of accidental ink leakage. The integrated front-facing ink tank system that allows users to assess ink levels through a see-through window makes for a seamless and intuitive refilling process as well. No more guessing when your printer ink tank is full!

“My printer is too slow.”

Our new G Series printers aren’t just sleek, they’re also fitted with a redesigned printer engine so that you receive your documents quicker. Coupled with an Auto Duplex Print function, you can save time and money and do your part for the environment too!

“My printer takes up too much space.”

These sleek and stylish new printers are about 10% more compact than their predecessors, allowing you to free up precious space in your small or home office. This doesn’t mean they compromise on quality though; rest assured that each print output will be stunning and vibrant.

“I need more printer functions.”

Need a printer that gives you more? The multifunction G6070 will cater to your printing, scanning and photocopying needs. These printers are also mobile and cloud compatible, which means you can print from anywhere in your office with a simple tap on your smartphone or laptop.

“I need fewer printer functions I just want my printer to print.”

The G5070 (colour) and GM2070 (monochrome) are dedicated print workhorses that do just that: print. Its new ink refill design, coupled with their high-volume paper handling capabilities, make them perfect for businesses that require a device for large volume printing with low-running cost.

“I don’t want to buy a new printer just for 1 or 2 coloured documents.”

We know that even businesses that print mostly black-and-white documents may require colour printing on an ad-hoc basis. That’s why we designed the PIXMA GM2070 specifically for this purpose. By simply slotting in a conventional colour ink cartridge into the designated space, the printer caters to your occasional coloured print job needs and reverts to its monochrome status when the cartridge is removed.

The verdict is clear: our new PIXMA G Series printers are versatile machines that save you time, money, and from messy situations. Each company is different find out how these powerful printers can benefit your business by contacting us here.

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