Canon Singapore – 40 Years of Printers, Cameras and Beyond…

What comes to your mind when you hear the brand Canon? Without doubt, Canon has established itself as one of the most well-known tech brands in Singapore. But is it just about printers and cameras? As Canon Singapore celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, we pay tribute to the other equally important aspects of what makes up the Canon DNA.

Making an Impact Across Multiple Industries

Did you know that besides producing cameras and office hardware and software solutions, Canon also has a presence in other industries? For instance, Canon is also active in the industrial products sector. We manufacture products such as Integrated Circuit (IC) chips which are essential in making almost every electrical devices work, such as mobile devices and credit cards.

Canon also plays a big part in the medical industry by supplying products across the healthcare sector. This comprises a wide range of equipment from CT scan machines, X-Ray and ultrasound solutions to steriliser machines that help to sterilise medical instruments.

Surprised? Indeed, the Canon brand impacts us in more ways than one!

Kyosei as the Heart of the Business

True to its Japanese roots, Canon Singapore’s business philosophy revolves around Kyosei, which is Japanese for “living and working together for the common good”. For Canon, this means taking care of the society that we are part of and thus, recognising the importance of running a business in a sustainable manner.

To do this, Canon has a Life Cycle Assessment initiative which is a quantitative evaluation of its products throughout the product life cycle, comprising anything from material procurement to manufacturing, distribution and disposal or recycling. Information collected allows for a more accurate understanding of production processes and makes the product’s impact on the environment transparent to the audience. Ultimately, this initiative aims to help Canon evolve into an even more sustainable business in the future.

Extending beyond environmental impact, Canon also practices kyosei by being involved in an array of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. These include our partnerships with Singapore National Olympic Council and Singapore Bowling Federation. Learn more about our CSR initiatives here!

Delighting You Always: Maintaining Customer Service Excellence

It’s no secret that at Canon, we are BIG on customer service, making sure that we upkeep our excellent standards. Ask any one of our clients and we are sure that they’ll give testament to our customer service excellence. We pride ourselves on being reliable and trustworthy as we believe these are the building blocks of any strong and long-lasting partnership.

With a team that is prepared to go all the way with you, your business is our business – we place priority in meeting the needs of our clients. Canon strongly believes in going beyond the sales transaction to create a bond of friendship with our customers through dedicated after-sales services. Don’t take our word for it though, you can hear from our customers themselves here.

One Big Canon Family

Here at Canon, we are just like one big family. Beyond a shared workplace, the Canon family tirelessly works together to support each other, making sure that internal processes run smoothly. This is where the lesser-known heroes in Canon shine; they are truly our pillars of support. The stories of Mr Ramachockalingam Sam, a Salesforce System Administrator at Canon Singapore; Mr Thomas Soh, Senior Engineer; and Mr Peter Lim, Corporate Service Division Engineer are just some of the examples of how members of the Canon community have impacted and helped each other.

Onward to Greater Heights

We couldn’t be more proud of how much we’ve come to accomplish today. The Canon culture certainly revolves around excellence, from our products to service, and of course the level of dedication to the society and the environment as well. Canon hopes that these values will evolve and drive greater things to come as our business continues to grow. We want to thank all our clients and customers for their continued support as well – here’s to another 40 years and more!

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