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Ask The ExpertGot a question about Canon’s business products? Our expert is here to help you out.


1. What are the advantages of using genuine Canon cartridges?

The advantages are you will enjoy Canon’s warranty coverage and great photo print quality.

2. Are Canon multimedia projectors suitable for small meeting rooms?

Canon has a wide range of multimedia projectors suitable for small size rooms all the way up to a hall/auditorium-size spaces. For more info on Canon projector models and throw distance requirements, click here.

3. How long will colour prints made with Canon inkjet printers last?

Colour prints made with Canon inkjet printers can last up to 100 years. With Canon’s CHROMALIFE100+, colour prints on genuine Canon photo papers can last up to 300 years with proper storage conditions.

4. Does Canon provide colour management tools for use with their printers?

Most Canon printer models do come with either the Basic or Advanced Colour Management tools.

5. How often do I need to change the lamp on Canon projectors?

The average lamp life of a projector is approximately between 3,000 to 5,000 hours.


1. Can Canon printers and projectors be shared among various workstations?

Selected Canon printers and projectors come with built-in network or wireless functionalities. With this capability, multiple users connected to a network can share a printer. For projectors, the network capability allows administrators to monitor projector lamp life and power status, etc.

2. Do Canon products all have ENERGY STAR ratings?

Selected Canon products have ENERGY STAR ratings. You may refer to the certified logo on the product box, brochure and website to find out the rating of each product.

3. Can I track how much energy savings I’m making with Canon products?

Selected Canon products include a feature that does energy savings calculation. You may refer to the website and brochure for details.

4. Do I need to pay for additional software before I can use my Canon
printer or webcam?

No. Canon products come bundled with the necessary software. For example, Canon Network Cameras come with the VK-Lite recording software, while PIXMA Printers come with Easy PhotoPrint EX, CD Label Print and others.

5. Will I get any discount if I purchase more than one Canon business product?

You may contact us at the following email thinkbig@canon.com.sg for consultation without any obligation.


1. My IT infrastructure consists of both PC and Mac workstations. Will there be
any compatibility issues with Canon products?

Most Canon products come with drivers for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

2.Can I prevent unauthorised usage of my Canon printer or projector?

Yes. Selected Canon products come with a password feature that can prevent unauthorised usage.

3. Do Canon printers have any file security features?

Selected Canon printer models have a feature called ‘Secure Print’, which enables users to send and store a print job in the printer. The document will not be printed unless the user enters a password on the printer. Not only is it useful for confidential documents, it also reduces wastage of resources.

4. Do Canon projectors support a wide variety of colourspaces?

Yes, selected Canon XEED models support the Adobe sRGB Colourspace.

5. Do Canon printers support Linux operating systems such as Fedora and Ubuntu?

Yes. Selected Canon printer models do support Linux operating system.


1. Will Canon technicians help me set up the products I purchased?

Canon provides local helpdesk support/installation via the telephone and onsite installation (for network models only).

2. Does Canon provide ink or toner delivery services?

Canon’s consumable is easily available at the selected superstores and Canon authorized dealers.

3. What kind of warranty does Canon provide? Are extended warranties available?

Canon’s product warranty range from 1-year to 3-years carry-in/onsite warranty. Extended warranty is also available for purchase through online.

4. Is it difficult to replace toner cartridges and perform regular maintenance on Canon printers?

No. It is designed in a way easily replaceable by end user. For reference, end user may refer to the user manual or contact Canon’s helpdesk support.

5. Who can I contact if I need technical assistance or further support?

You may contact Canon’s support hotline, 68622 666.

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