A Closer Look at New Wireless Presenters PR500-R & PR10-G

Business leaders who are often tasked with presentations will be happy to know about the newly released wireless presenters PR500-R and PR10-G, which have great features to help make the most compelling presentations.

Go the Distance

Users can explore presenting from various parts of the room to keep the audience engaged so as to get the presentation going. The new and improved PR500-R and PR10-G presenters work within an effective range of 20m and 30m respectively – now presentations are no longer constrained by space limitations!

Make a Point

The PR500-R features a double intensity red laser that stands out and directs the audience’s attention to the most important points. Consider the PR10-G if you want to highlight the smallest of details in large presentation settings. Its luminous green laser beam shines up to eight times brighter than that of an ordinary red laser, giving the audience perfect visibility on the things to take note of.

Stay in Control

Both the PR500-R and PR10-G presenters feature an intuitive design with tactile buttons, enabling users to switch between keys and navigate presentations with ease. Weighing 53g and 71g with batteries included for the PR500-R and PR10-G respectively, the lightweight provides a comfortable grip even when used for long periods of time.

In addition, the PR10-G has a timer function with vibration alerts to help keep track of time, so that users don’t have to be consciously mindful of it. The backlit LED time display also comes in handy when users miss out on the alerts or have to present in a low light setting.

Ready to Go

The PR500-R and PR10-G presenters are compatible with the Windows and Mac operating systems. With the plug and connect function, users can simply plug in their devices and use them straight away without having to install them beforehand.

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