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7 Office Inkjet Printer Myths Dispelled

In the market for an office printer? Consider Canon’s MAXIFY MB5470 inkjet printer, which is tailored specifically for SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) needs.

You might be thinking: Inkjet printers for office use? Perhaps you are holding on to some misconceptions about inkjet printers. Time to debunk those myths.

Whether you are helming your own startup or looking to up your company’s digital game, this modern, multifunctional inkjet printer is ideal for diverse business needs. As testament to this, the MAXIFY won the Readers’ Choice award for Best Printer at The Straits Times Digital Awards 2017.

Myth 1: Inkjet printers are slow

Remember those old school inkjet home printers of the 90s? You might recall waiting ages for the printer to warm up and watching the paper inch out ever so slowly while the printer printed your document, line by torturous line.

Fortunately, inkjet printing technology has improved by leaps and bounds since then.

The Canon MAXIFY’s Quick First Print feature means the printer “wakes up” and warms up quickly for its first print job of the day. You can get your first black and white printout in as little as six seconds.

Once warmed up, the MAXIFY is no slouch. Its top speed is 32.5 pages per minute for black and white documents and 26.5 pages per minute for colour. That means each page takes just about two seconds to print, on average.

Myth 2: Inkjet print quality is not as good as laser

When laser printers were first popularised, their printouts were revolutionary, with never-before-seen sharpness and vibrant colours. You might be wondering if an inkjet printer can produce documents of such quality.

Myth 2: Inkjet print quality is not as good as laserThe good news is, yes, the MAXIFY can!

For one thing, the MAXIFY boasts Canon’s proprietary FINE technology, which delivers microscopic ink droplets on paper — thereby ensuring crisp text and near-photo-quality images.

It also uses Dual Resistance High Density (DRHD) ink, a premium, pigment-based ink formulation developed for optimum business printing.

It is also both fade- and water-resistant, making it far superior to conventional dye-based inks as well as powdered ink (toner).

Myth 3: You need to replace the ink and paper frequently

You may be wondering, is an inkjet printer really suitable for the high volume of print jobs at work?

What if you have to spend a lot of time and money on replacing the ink and paper? Not only would that be inefficient, it would also be costly.

With the MAXIFY, you need not worry. It is built for business use, so it houses XL sized ink cartridges and has a high paper capacity of 500 sheets. You can also automate double-sided printing to save paper.

These features make it both economical and efficient. Compared to home inkjet printers, the MAXIFY printer offers up to 50% lower cost per print.

Myth 4: Your electricity bill will be expensive

When you run your own company, you know the value of every hard-earned cent. Naturally, you would balk at investing in an energy-hungry device that would cause your utilities bill to skyrocket.

With your concerns in mind, Canon has designed the MAXIFY printer to be energy-efficient and therefore cost-saving. On standby mode, the MAXIFY consumes considerably less power compared to a laser printer.

You can also schedule it to power up and down in accordance to your working hours. For example, if the office closes at 7pm, the printer can automatically “knock off” at 7pm too!

Myth 5: You need to boot up your computer just to print something

Picture shutting down your computer for the day, gathering your things and leaving the office to catch your taxi back home.

Just as you walk out of the door, you realise you need to print an important document for tomorrow morning’s meeting. You have to go back in, boot up, log in to your email and retrieve the file before you can print it. How troublesome!

Myth 5: You need to boot up your computer just to print somethingActually, you do not have to go through so many steps just for one printout.

With the MAXIFY, you can simply send the document to print from your smartphone, as long as it is connected to your workplace Wi-Fi network. It is even easier if you have the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app on your device.

Alternatively, you can print from cloud services such as Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, even Facebook and Instagram, with MAXIFY Cloud Link. The MAXIFY is also compatible with Google Cloud Print so you can easily print straight from your favourite Google app.

The MAXIFY will automatically turn on once you give it a cloud printing job. So all you need to do is walk into the office, collect your printout and catch your ride home.

Myth 6: Network printing is not secure

Do imagined scenarios about your devices being hacked and your identity stolen by cyber terrorists keep you awake at night?

If you are the technologically paranoid type, you probably know about the security risks associated with network and remote printing in the office.

There is no cause for worry, however. Security features such as an IP address filter (to limit the users and devices with access) are built into the MAXIFY printer.

The “Scan to Email” function also supports SMTP, so you can scan sensitive documents to your work mail server without having to go through a third party.

As the administrator, you can restrict settings and operations that may compromise confidential work-related data, such as scanning to a flash drive or printing from an external storage medium.

You can also monitor printer use easily with Canon’s iWEMC (imageWARE Enterprise Management Console) and other supported applications.

Myth 7: In this digital age, who needs a printer?

Perhaps you operate your entire business over email and digital services like Slack, Facebook Workplace and Google’s G Suite.

But you may not realise that the humble printer can actually save you in some business situations.

When electronics like laptops and projectors fail, having a colour printout of your presentation makes a positive impression on your client.

Myth 7: In this digital age, who needs a printer?While on a business trip, it pays to have hard copies of your key documents with you, in the event of a dead battery, spotty Wi-Fi or cloud service hack (perish the thought!).

When you need to make a simple copy of a document, running it through the MAXIFY is much more efficient and professional than using your phone to snap a picture of it. With the single pass two-sided scanning feature, you can scan double-sided documents efficiently, by just passing sheets of paper through the printer once each time.

And come audit season, things will flow more smoothly if you keep a printed record of key documents, so that your team does not waste time searching through email archives.

So even if you do not have the habit of regularly printing documents, having a printer handy can help your business in many ways. The MAXIFY is a reliable workhorse that you would want around, in the event that you need its help.


This article is brought to you by Singapore Press Holding.

Canon’s MAXIFY MB5470 offers you:
• At least 50% lower cost per print for XL ink cartridges
• Security features to ensure data confidentiality, like advanced LAN settings and SNMP
• Increased productivity with settings like single pass ADF and printing/scanning from cloud services

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