5 Tips to Spark Productivity And Joy the Marie Kondo Way!

Global phenomena and bestselling author Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm with her famous KonMari method which places emphasis on being mindful, introspective and forward-looking. This philosophy, which has since gone viral, has proven effective in various home situations, and in this article, we show you how you can Marie Kondo your way to business productivity and efficiency!

Tidy it up!

If you’re an avid follower of the KonMari method, you’ll know that the first and most crucial step is decluttering. Inc.com reveals that beyond enjoying a cleaner work station, it is actually the meaning behind living a clutter-free life that makes a difference. Besides freeing up more office space to focus on tasks at hand and maintain a clearer head, why not consider investing in all-in-one devices that have the functionality of multiple machines?

Canon’s Multi-Functional Devices come with a suite of functions (including printing, copying, scanning, and even faxing) that can streamline work processes and take productivity to the next level. Businesses can also start to digitise and move document management systems online onto the cloud with software such as uniFLOW Online Express so that they can be easily searched for and retrieved. Think of all the physical space you’d save!

Purge digital clutter

Now that you’ve decluttered physically, it’s time to tackle that which cannot be seen – the digital clutter. To help with this, Digital Trends suggests using an app to declutter your computer, freeing up space for current and future projects. Make it a point to go through everything on your device at least once a month, from your email inbox to Downloads and Bookmarks folders. Don’t forget to uninstall obsolete apps and software too!

When it comes to projects and clients, Forbes also recommends skipping over clients that aren’t quite the right fit or who take up more energy than their worth. It might be best to let go of projects that you don’t see coming to fruition and stop working on things that don’t add value to business so that you can focus on the ones that do.

Achieve clarity on business goals

Besides decluttering your business of things that don’t spark joy, Inc.com urges businesses not to underutilise their most expensive asset – their staff. Having an open dialogue with your employees can help build up more efficient teams and inspire employees to make a difference every day, especially when their interests are considered at work. Talk to them to find out how they are doing and get feedback on what can be improved and changed before leading such change.

Practise gratitude

Another important step of the KonMari method is to thank all your items before letting them go. While this step might be a little different in the business realm, the idea of practising gratitude is still important. HuffPost also places emphasis on showing appreciation to those directly involved in your business: partners, clients, and most importantly, your employees.

Finding joy in achieving your goals

When it comes down to it, Marie Kondo’s method is all about keeping only the things that spark joy. CNBC underlines joy as a full consideration of what role an object plays in your life. In application to our current context, what then is considered ‘joyful’ at work? While it can be interpreted in many different ways, for example, getting rid of meaningless clutter, perhaps the most important thing is not what you throw away, but what you set out to achieve.

By using the KonMari method at work, the goal is centred on the adoption of an attitude of minimalism that helps to eliminate stress along with finding some level of meaning and achievement. After all, the equation is pretty straightforward: more joy = higher productivity and efficiency levels, definitely a good thing to keep in any business!

Now that you know what needs to be done, it’s time to start sparking joy in and around the office. Start practising the Marie Kondo way today!

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