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3 Most Common Printer-Frustrations - Solved!

3 Most Common Printer-Frustrations – Solved!

Job fulfilment is not something you only read about in self-help books. In fact, there are a great many people that are passionate and driven about their work on a day-to-day basis. To these people, Monday Blues simply do not apply.

However, a handful of things may get in the way of our job happiness, even among the best of us. For example, if you work in an old office building, you know that the central air-conditioning is almost always too cold for comfort (bring your winter jacket). And don’t get us started about the coffee machine that never seems to churn out the perfect cup of coffee.

Among the list of grievances, however, printer-related ones are likely the most common. As much as offices try to steer clear of paper and dive head long into the digital world, many office functions still require employees to interact with printers one way or another. Unfortunately for some, printing documents may not be the most pleasant experience — not unless the office is furnished with Canon’s printers, that is.

Here are the most common printer-related frustrations at your workplace. Let’s see if you are acquainted with some of these familiar pain points:

Pain Point #1: The Formatting is All Wrong

All you wanted to do was to print an A4 sized paper. Yet, for some reason, the printer churns out the document on an A3-sized paper. Now you have to print the document all over again, what a waste of resources!

Our Solution: With Canon’s latest imageRUNNER ADVANCE (iR-ADV) C5500i series, that’s entirely possible. The built-in Force Hold Printing function allows you to preview and edit settings at the printer itself. Aside from saving time, this also means that precious resources can be saved. No more wastages!

Pain Point #2: Printing From Mobile Devices is a Pain

Everybody is on the go these days, including the average office worker. When emails and documents are sent and received via mobile devices, you want the ease of being able to print them directly. Yet, technologies don’t always work well with one another, with communication between printers and mobile devices sometimes lacking. You either have to print it from the office computer (troublesome).

Our Solution: The new iR-ADV C5500i printers, on the other hand, come standard with Wi-Fi connectivity via Direct Access Point. Furthermore, the updated Canon Print Business App allows users to print documents on the fly.

Pain Point #3: 10 Printers, 10 Different Settings

Setting up your preferences on a normal printer is painful enough as it is. However, since you only have to perform this task once, most office workers don’t mind going through the pain — that is, until you have to print from a brand new printer within the same fleet.

Our Solution: The new iR-ADV C5500i printers come with My ADVANCE Synchronisation. As the name suggests, this means that your personal settings will be automatically synched across the entire fleet. It doesn’t matter if you are printing the document in the office or downstairs in the warehouse. As long as they are within the same network, your preferences will be the same across the board.

Canon’s Multi-Functional Devices aim to make your office life easier and, ultimately, happier. However, eliminating pain points is not the only name of the game for Canon. For more information on the wonderful things the new iR-ADV C5500i series is capable of, click here to find out more!