May 2019

We love monochromatic prints; they embody a clean, minimalist style on top of a professional look and feel. However, they can sometimes be boring and lack that extra pizzazz to stand out from the ordinary.

Instead, open your eyes to a vivid world full of colour with the latest imageCLASS MF746Cx! Not only does this printer boast high paper yields and rapid print speeds, it also comes with all your favourite Canon Multi-Functional Devices innovations – such as print security, mobile and WiFi printing capabilities as well as our signature V2 Colour Technology for an added boost of vibrancy to your hard copy visuals.

With brand-new features added to keep up with our modern printing needs, here’s how this powerful yet compact printer will add a colourful boost for your small business or home office.

Colour Up Your Business

What makes the imageCLASS MF746Cx unique is its ability to make your colour print-outs pop. Step into a whole new world of vivid and vibrant hues and sharp visuals to match Canon’s state-of-the-art V2 Colour Technology. This technology expands the colour spectrum of dark areas and shadows, giving your colour print-outs greater clarity and detail, and showcasing the depth and brilliance of your images! The printer’s full colour contrast capabilities will also make your standard reports stand out, with texts and graphs appearing more vivid and striking on paper.

Rest assured that even with the imageCLASS MF746Cx’s powerful colour output, you will still enjoy cost-savings with its high-yield toners, which are 18-20% more as compared to its predecessor. Talk about having more bang for your buck!

Improve Business Productivity with a Single Touch

The Application Library has been a key component of Canon’s imageCLASS printers, allowing owners to customise their workflows for maximum efficiency and productivity. With the imageCLASS MF746Cx, we’ve improved this iconic feature to help you accelerate your business processes: we’ve added five new apps to the existing seven, giving you a total of 12 handy apps to play with so that you can work faster and smarter.

The new apps are not only functional but improve printer accessibility as well, with options to fax and store, name and scan, enhance text copy, and preset settings with an intuitive Application Library. This printer also speaks your language – choose from 13 printer languages to facilitate smoother, more productive workflows. Automate routine tasks with a touch of the application button for a swifter and user-friendly printing experience and see your vibrant prints come to life.



Discover a world of vibrance with the imageCLASS MF746Cx! To find out more about this printer and how it can boost your business workflows, contact our sales professionals here.

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A company is often said to only be as good as its people. However, this doesn’t refer to just any people – according to McKinsey & Company, studies have shown that superior talent is up to 8 times more productive. Amidst the aggressive “war for talent” that companies find themselves inevitably embroiled in, it’s exceedingly imperative for companies to find people that will help propel the business to new heights.

However, finding the person with the skills for the job is only the beginning. Thereafter, how does a company attract and retain the right talent? Here are five nifty tips that can help companies hold on and nurture employees that will be in it for the long haul.

1. Develop an excellent onboarding process

Starting a new job is always an intimidating process. What companies can do, however, is to help ease this as much as possible. As Forbes outlines, making the effort to do so demonstrates to employees that the company cares about them even before they even officially start. First impressions do (and will always) count!

2. Check-in with employees regularly

One common complaint is the feeling of detachment between an employee and management; companies can circumvent this by having management schedule regular check-ins with their employees. Harvard Business Review cites the example of Shell: appointed career stewards will meet with new employees to help them set realistic career expectations and outline development opportunities – this allows employees to clarify any questions that they have and raise any difficulties. Managers are then able to assess the general outlook of their employees and identify any red flags if necessary.

3. Listen to feedback and take necessary action

As emphasised by Forbes, establishing and maintaining open avenues of communication are key to retaining top employees. However, simply listening isn’t enough. Management should make a concerted effort to take all feedback – whether positive or negative – into account, and act on it wherever possible. Such a move will be met with due appreciation from employees, who will feel as if their voice matters. More often than not, this will, in turn, translate to them reciprocating in the form of them putting more effort into their work, a win-win situation for all!

4. Create growth and/or leadership opportunities

All employees want to see some level of growth in their career advancement process. The last thing an employee wants is to stagnate at whatever they’re doing – it’s important to constantly keep employees motivated and engaged. In order to help employees reach their potential, The Balance Careers urges companies to offer employees a variety of new opportunities, different challenges, and development training. Should the chance arise, employees should also be encouraged to take on leadership roles to further develop their abilities.

5. Trust your employees

In the end, everything management can do boils down to the level of trust they have with their employees. Harvard Business Review laments how senior management often tends to make “misguided assumptions” about their employees, which in turn impedes their career development. Make employees feel like a valued asset and the company will undoubtedly benefit in return.

Establishing a relationship of trust and appreciation takes two hands to clap. There’s so much a company can do to make their employees feel as if they matter – the key is to set the tone right from the start.

A welcoming and engaging environment built on understanding and trust is key to retaining top talent in your company. Without this, even the most enticing monetary incentives and benefits won’t make them stay in the long haul. Treat your workers well, and they will, in turn, work hard for you too.

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It goes without saying that management plays a significant role in employee drive and motivation. Motivation intrinsically links to growth and productivity so why is it not cultivated as often, especially in an environment where workers spend a third of their day? While the introduction of exciting incentives may prove successful in driving up motivation levels around the office, ensuring that management operates well and efficiently still remains more viable in the long run.

Here are some common and often overlooked mistakes to keep in mind when building an effective management team.

Not being involved in employees’ course of work

One of the most common mistakes stems from a manager’s lack of involvement in their employee’s work. A hands-off manager who does not offer proper support for their employees can be extremely damaging to employee satisfaction and productivity levels. Not only does he or she not know what is going on, but their ability to make fair judgment calls or to give credit where it’s due is also shrouded. As highlighted by Quartz, many underestimate the importance of seeing employees as individuals, not just placeholders.

While micromanagement isn’t a solution, one thing managers should get into the habit of doing is to constantly check-in with their employees. Managers and leaders cannot lead without experiencing what is happening on the ground. efront notes that being involved shows your appreciation for what your workers do, and the effort made to understand and walk in their shoes also fosters the building of a learning culture that promises increased productivity.

Ignoring employees’ ideas

Expressing ignorance or nonchalance towards employees’ ideas can be detrimental. An environment that stimulates creativity is key for a business to thrive in the long run. When ideas are ignored, growth is stifled. Huffington Post and Forbes both highlight that a safe and empowering environment is necessary for increased productivity, plainly because growing a company requires creativity. Just remember that if ideas are always squashed, a culture that impedes employee productivity will eventually develop and take hold.

Pushing for results without listening to employees’ concerns and needs

The Guardian states that there is an “essential connection between engagement and financial success”. The classic example of management putting the organisation first before their employees leads to the mistake of expecting stellar results without helping your employees get there. Results may be important, but one has to invest and provide support before they can be achieved. Quartz published a study where 80% of participants indicated that they trust their employer because they felt supported by him or her. By listening to and properly addressing your employees’ concerns, management can then build a relationship of trust that increases motivation and productivity at work.

Failing to value employees’ motivations

Another important factor in boosting employee satisfaction and productivity involves motivation. While it is easy to understand that a happy worker will in turn be more productive, managers often forget that different things make different people happy. In the same study, Quartz underlines how managers can show that they value their employees’ motivations by “tailoring assignments, conversations, feedback, and rewards based on what each individual values”. Your employees are not robots; some may find motivation in work-life balance while others find drive in company benefits. Keep in mind that not every incentive is a one size fits all.

Not practising on what you preach

Ultimately, a good tip to always keep in mind is that actions speak louder than words. Forbes calls attention to how “leaders must walk the talk by modelling the culture as well as teaching and preaching it,” especially since “everybody has eyes on the boss.” By not practising what you preach, managers are subtly showing that they do not place importance in their work, which sends a similar message to the employees. Employee productivity hinges heavily on the workplace environment and the management has a major influence on shaping that culture. Always try to keep your word – a small action speaks and does volumes.

A good leader sets a good foundation in the building of team culture. In this article, Vincent Low, Canon’s Director & General Manager of Business Imaging Solutions, shares three main core values and beliefs for forging a successful team.

They say that employees leave their managers, not the company. Beyond being better able to retain current employees and boost productivity, great management also makes the company attractive and inviting to potential talent. After all, much like planting a tree in fertile conditions, good management not only encourages growth, but it ultimately leads to a continuously flourishing business. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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Sharp, lightweight and easy to use – Canon’s new XEED WUX7000Z projector hits all the marks. Being one of the largest lens manufacturers, it’s no surprise that Canon’s latest offering is making waves in the industry. But what sets this projector apart from the rest in its class?

Let Ooffle Pte Ltd, an integrated creative events agency dealing mainly with digital technology experiences, help shed some light on this topic. Elaine and Rapheal, Account Director and Account Manager of Ooffle respectively, share that clear, vibrant visuals are essential in their line of work and the XEED WUX7000Z more than delivers in that aspect. Using a clever combination of unique projection mappings with Canon’s XEED projectors, the company brings visuals to life, giving their guests an unforgettable experience!

We talked with the duo to find out why this projector works brilliantly for their company – and their customers too. Also joining in the conversation is Norman Ayob, Head of Sales of the Consumer Product Sales Business Group in our domestic market, as he shares more on the XEED projector series, delving deeper into the mechanics of this award-winning range.

What do users like most about the XEED WUX7000Z?

Rapheal: When it comes to events set-up, time is of the absolute essence and I appreciate the easy set-up process of the XEED WUX7000Z. The image projected is very clear, and the final output looks premium, sharp and crisp. I especially like the brightness of the projection!

Elaine: Another plus point would be the ability of the lens to shift to a wide extent, which gives us a comprehensive projection area to play around with. The projector lumens effect also exceeded our expectations, and was great value for money! Compared to other projectors we’ve used previously, this projector is also significantly lighter, requiring only two people to move it as compared to four people for other projectors with similar features. This allows us to save on manpower and cost. I also like the versatility of the lenses, which lets us use the projector for a wide variety of occasions.

Norman: The XEED projectors is one of the series in our range that has won many awards, and is the first XEED series that comes with a laser engine. For the tight set-up frame of an event company, the projector’s laser engine and compact size help a lot – you can virtually put the projector anywhere. In terms of maintenance, there’s also no cause for worry as the laser engine supports up to a whopping 20,000 hours!

Elaine: With the XEED WUX7000Z’s short set-up time, we now have more time to play around with the mapping, making sure the lens is adjusted well. This frees up additional time for us to focus on fine-tuning our videos and images to ensure high-quality content. From our experience, the image projected turns out sharp and crisp even beside a LED wall. Usually, if a projector is placed beside a LED wall, the wall will be very prominent with the projected image paling in comparison. However, we don’t face this problem with the XEED series!

What are the key features of Canon’s XEED WUX7000Z?

Norman: This projector uses Canon’s own LCOS (Liquid crystal on silicon) panels, which provide a beautiful and seamless projection that is almost free of gridlines. Its compact size is due to the use of Canon’s proprietary AISYS optical engine, making it lighter than other similar projectors in the same category. The XEED WUX7000Z is also compatible with six of Canon’s optical genuine lens; with this flexibility, the projector is able to fit our new RS-SL06UW, an ultra-short throw lens.

What sets the XEED WUX7000Z apart from competitors?

Norman: The XEED projectors cater to customers looking for quality. The projections are also very bright for its compact size – something that definitely sets the XEED series apart. Furthermore, in Singapore, the most common technologies would be the DLP and LCD but XEED uses LCOS panels, which positions the projectors for different applications.

Elaine: When we use other projectors, we normally have to tilt the projectors in order to shift the lens. However, with the XEED series, we’re able to just seamlessly tilt the lens with a remote control without affecting the focus. Other projectors also sometimes give us the problem with the keystone, resulting in patchy clarity. The XEED’s keystone, on the other hand, allows us to project the whole screen with uniformed clarity. There’s a great deal of customisation that the XEED series allows for, and this is particularly helpful especially for the events industry. The XEED projectors not only allow us to present images, but enables us to tell a story through sharp, vibrant projections.

Look into Canon’s full range of projectors HERE.

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As communication becomes increasingly image-heavy today, it’s hard to ignore visuals that are pixelated – especially when technology can now produce images with crystal clear definition. Whether you’re trying to pitch, persuade or even educate, clear and crisp visual elements are undoubtedly the foundation for a positive and successful presentation.

Here at Canon, we specialise in providing tools that help you achieve picture-perfect visuals. Tapping on state-of-the-art technology, our latest 4K LCOS projectors, the XEED 4K6020Z and XEED 4K5020Z, are making waves in this field. How well can these projectors fit in your business?

More than just a Business Pitch or Presentation

With more than 4 million people owning a smart device in Singapore alone,  smartphones are undeniably our generation’s latest phenomenon. For businesses, this means that your clients and customers are used to seeing vibrant, high-quality visuals. Pixelated, and out-of-focus visuals may come across as cheap and unprofessional.

Thanks to the Canon XEED 4K6020Z’s and XEED 4K5020Z’s in-built native 4K resolution colour quality, rest assured that your audience will be fully focused on the clarity and colour accuracy of your presentation. Amped up with your choice of 7 easy-fit, motorised Canon lenses, you can expect these powerful projectors to deliver high-definition, bright and stunning results.

The Versatile Choice for Every Environment

Have an unorthodox surface you need to project on? The Canon XEED 4K6020Z and XEED 4K5020Z fit perfectly in any complex setting, such as gallery showcases or art installations. Not only are these the smallest and lightest 4K projectors in their class, they also cater for flexible projection orientations together with Canon’s latest high-end 4K resolution lens, the RS-SL07RST, creating beautiful images on any and every surface.

With its Unique Marginal Focus feature, the RS-SL07RST lens is specially designed for uneven surfaces, maintaining focus in the centre of an image even when its peripheral focus has been adjusted. Equipped with a UD (ultra-low dispersion) lens, the RS-SL07RST also reduces colour shift and bleeding, maintaining sharp and crisp visuals.

This Canon projector and lens combination is perfect for unconventional environments like art installations or gallery showcases. With installation flexibility, these projectors can be set-up in both landscape or portrait modes, even accommodating for various formats such as vertical stacking, ceiling installation, downward projection and more. 360-degree projection can even be achieved with the XEED 4K5020Z – making it truly an outstanding, all-rounded projector!

Make Learning Come to Life

In order to keep up with the increasingly digitalised society, schools have started turning towards technology to help prepare and empower students for the world of tomorrow. Devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops are commonplace across our local schools, bringing visual learning to the forefronts of educational strategies. That’s where the XEED 4K6020Z and 4K5020Z come in – high-definition images are a must for precision education, and with its durable 20,000-hour utility, these sturdy projectors are great learning companions for the next generation.

The two projectors also come equipped with the DICOM Simulation Mode. Designed to handle, store, print and transmit medical imaging information, the DICOM Simulation Mode enhances digital images, X-rays and scans during medical training, a must-have for professionals in the medical education industry.*

*The XEED 4K6020Z and XEED 4K5020Z are not medical devices and cannot be used for medical diagnosis.

Canon’s XEED 4K6020Z and XEED 4K5020Z deliver outstanding clarity and visually arresting projections no matter the environment. Contact our sales professionals here to find out how you can tell a more engaging story with this series today!

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