May 2017

Businesses today are caught in the currents of disruption and transformation. Fortunately, technology has been improving steadily and favourably to give businesses that stronghold they need to stay afloat, but what else does it take to preserve sustainability today?

SME business owners and experts made up the crowd of 800 guests at Canon’s Think Big Leadership Business Series on the 18th and 19th of May 2017. Themed Transformation Now, SME business owners were treated to a host of speakers at Marina Mandarin’s Grand Ballroom, sharing insights into keeping up with today’s cosmopolitan times.

Day One: The welcome address was delivered by Mr. Vincent Low, Director & General Manager of Business Imaging Solutions, Canon Singapore.

Just after their morning coffees and bites, the guests and speakers flocked into the Grand Ballroom and filled up the seats. The buoyant mood in the room came with the guests exchanging pleasantries and perceptions amongst fellow SME business owners, before Director & General Manager of Business Imaging Solutions, Canon Singapore, Mr. Vincent Low, got proceedings underway by delivering the welcome address.

Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Ms. Sim Ann, was next to take the stage for her keynote address, where she emphasised on the necessity for SMEs to embrace digital transformation in today’s technological landscape.

Day One: Ms. Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, delivers her keynote address.


Day One: Panel discussion

The first day’s events included talks from Dr. Tan Khee Giap, Mr. Stuart Smith, and Dr. Wilson Chew, before the panel discussion on stage that focussed on just what it takes to make a difference to our businesses. Ms. Catherine Chong, Deputy Director of Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA), reiterated on the importance of going back to basics amidst transformation, in a conversation that brought about many laughs and applauses amongst fellow panellists Mr. Ho Meng Kit, Dr. Tan Khee Giap and Dr. Wilson Chew, and indeed the audience.

Day Two: Esteemed guests of honour officially launched the third generation of imageRUNNER-ADVANCE multifunction printers with a symbolic button-pressing ceremony.

Also on the itinerary was the unveiling and launch of the third generation of imageRUNNER-ADVANCE multifunction printers, and this was timely done with a symbolic button-pressing ceremony that took place on stage. Esteemed guests of honour for the launch included Mr. Kazuhiro Ozawa, Mr. Masayuki Murase, Mr. Melvyn Ho, and Mr. Vincent Low.

Mr. Masayuki Murase is General Manager of Office Imaging Products Sales Planning Division, Canon Inc., and was also part of the second day’s agenda. Mr. Murase delivered his welcome address, before presenting the audience with the launch video for the third generation of the Canon imageRUNNER-ADVANCE multifunction printers.

Day Two: Mr. Masayuki Murase, General Manager of Office Imaging Products Sales Planning Division, Canon Inc.

The Canon imageRUNNER-ADVANCE multifunction printers, including the latest third generation instalment, were all exhibited at the Technology Showcase area just outside the Grand Ballroom. The guests were given a walkthrough of the multifunction printers, along with Canon’s Business Imaging Solutions that were also on display. 

To be future-ready will require you to be equipped with skills today that will allow you to seize opportunities that come tomorrow.  This edition of Think Big Leadership Business Series 2017 proved to be a rousing success with our guests and speakers mingling and exchanging wisdom amongst each other over our speaker line-ups, and even over lunch.

Check out our event photo gallery, featuring the rest of our celebrated speaker lineup:

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Ryan Huber loves his meat. His immense love for meat delicacies has driven Huber’s Butchery to be a well-loved brand in the food industry these days. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the brand imports and supplies prime meat and sausages to restaurants, cafes and hotels.

We sat down with Ryan Huber, the Managing Director at Huber’s Butchery a family business started a decade ago for a short chat. The man at the helm took the leap from manual paperwork to automating his document management process in a bid to keep his team efficient and customers happy. He tells us why he made the great shift.  

What are some of the challenges faced before implementing Canon Solutions?

We had to be more productive but couldn’t it would take us a long time to print the invoices with the dot matrix printers which in turn caused delivery delays to customers. It was also challenging to have our invoices archived digitally as our copies are all in carbon paper.

Quality in our supply of meat and efficiency in customer service are equally important to customers.

Why Canon?

Canon addressed our pain points competently and provided immediate solutions in both cost savings and operational issues. The Canon Solutions also allow us to be in control of our documents, whereas with other solutions, we’d have to get a third party involved. That would in turn give us more issues with operations, service, and security. We’d receive phone calls and queries from customers requesting for copies of their invoices or document, and that will mean having to contact our third party support multiple times a day. We’d have to wait a full month to send all the documents to the third party too. That wouldn’t help us in terms of efficiency.

What was the implementation process like?

We were surprised – the process actually turned out smoother than expected. We thought it would be difficult for the staff to unlearn the past procedure and learn the new. The Canon service support team took time to teach us about the know-hows and to address queries on the new Canon Solutions. That gave my staff the confidence to adopt the new Canon Solutions. I’m sure my staff also now see the benefits of the switch as the days go by.

What are some of the benefits you or your staff see now?

The most apparent benefit would be the improvement in speed and efficiency of our printers. Initially, we had five individuals sharing one dot matrix printer. The dot matrix printer’s speed was so slow and a huge amount of time was wasted, especially when you consider that we have more than 100 delivery orders every day.

Canon x Hubers - TX.00_01_16_00.Still001 copy

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunctional printer prints much faster, saving time. There is now no risk of metal staples contaminating the products during the delivery process as the ECO Stapling function works without the use of metal staples, which previously posed a food safety risk to our industry. The staple-free staples two to three sheets of paper together when printed, making sure the two copies are always together when we deliver the invoice to the customer. Afterwards, we can easily shred documents without having to remove any metal staples, improving workflow efficiency.

The biggest change is perhaps in the documentation process. Now when signed invoices are returned, we don’t have to collate them by order numbers manually. All we have to do now is merely click the scan button, and Canon Solutions’ software will take care of the rest by automatically sorting and storing digital copies in the server.

How important is it to have the right technology for the right job?

The right tools matter. You can’t use a spanner to unfasten a screw and having the right technology will make your tasks easier and faster. It was an arduous task, both sides needed to understand the exact requirements and expectations of this great move. The Canon team explained patiently and meticulously how Canon Solutions could improve our operations and how they would ease us into this new system migration. The end result was amazing the Canon team performed above and beyond expectations.  

What are some of the cost and/or time savings that you experience with the new solution?

Traditionally, a customer would call us asking for the certified true copy, and our accounts clerk would have to make her way to the store, find the relevant box, and spend another 10 to 15 minutes just searching for the copy of the invoice, before scanning it and emailing it back to the customers. The same person would spend about half a day every day just to search through the boxes for certified true copy of the invoices.

HubersArticle2 copy

Now, all the invoices are digitized and stored on our server. The same job that took 10 to 15 minutes now only takes 10 to 15 seconds. This trickles down and improves our manpower hours per day with just one back-end solution. This simple process change allows us to redeploy the staff who was doing manual searching to assist in customer service, which in turn improves both our staff and customers’ satisfaction level. In addition, we also saw a saving of about $400 per month on paper and ink.

If you have a piece of advice for other companies, what would it be?

Take the constant change in your stride. In today’s times, consumers are getting more and more demanding with competition growing stiffer. We change to innovate and to adapt – if we do not change, we will be left behind.

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The term “social responsibility” has become more prevalent amongst businesses and organizations, especially since the environment started seeing complex changes around it.  Responsibility would mean to have a duty, to be held accountable, or to take the blame, and therefore, corporate social responsibility has emerged as the crux of a business and organization in their approach to sustainable development.

And of responsibility, Canon’s environmental vision “Action for Green,” aims to cultivate a society that achieves the perfect mix of a prosperous lifestyle and a healthy environment. The Environmental Frontrunner Project, supported by the Canon Group and our business partners, initiated the innovation of products that feature eco-friendly technologies. The result? The imageRUNNER ADVANCE series – networked office multifunction printers that host an array of eco-friendly technologies.printereco_v2-pullout

These eco-friendly technologies spearhead environmental impact reductions at every stage of the product’s life cycle, and have set the standards for taking responsibility and doing their parts for the environment.

Conscious Design with Life Cycle Assessment

From design ideation to product manufacturing, Canon consistently sets and meets carbon dioxide emission reduction targets using eco-friendly techniques. If targets are not met at any stage of the product lifecycle, adjustments are readily made to reduce our carbon footprint. This commitment to detail and environmental responsibility has resulted in reduced carbon dioxide emissions throughout each of our products’ life cycles.

On-Demand Fixing Technology

Traditionally, printers require a certain level of standby power to reach printing temperature upon being switched on. Canon’s printers however run on on-demand fixing technology, in which heating is activated during printing only. The need for standby heating is eliminated with printer parts that conduct heat more efficiently and possess lower thermal capacity.

Material Used for Manufacture

While more environmentally friendly, bioplastic derived from plants are usually less resistant to heat and shock, and hence are not deemed suitable for manufacture of most printer parts. Together with Toray Industries, Inc., Canon has developed a revolutionary bio-based plastic with improved physical properties, specifically being far more superior in withstanding printing temperature and strain. In place of conventional petroleum-based plastics, this plant-based plastic possesses more biodegradable qualities and leaves a smaller carbon footprint on our ecosystem.

Furthermore, all plastics used by Canon are produced purely from recycled plastic, without compromising material durability. We have also completely eradicated the usage of lead in our products, far exceeding the stipulations set by the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive.


Enhancements in technology usually come at a cost, and more often than not, at the cost of the environment. With Canon, however, innovation has conversely allowed for timely respite for the environment’s deterioration.

Apart from environmental responsibility and commitment, future-ready companies have plenty of other concerns to juggle. Register and head on down to our Think Big Leadership Business Series 2017, themed Transformation Now, to find out what else your company should prioritize in evolving times.

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By Vincent Low

The first and the last thing you would observe daily of our Canon offices is the mural just next to the reception counter. Demanding your attention, the mural proudly acknowledges Canon’s philosophy on kyosei, the deed of “living and working together for the common good”. Therein lays the foundation of Canon – caring for the society by being an integral part of the community, and running our business in an effective and sustainable way.

We moved into our current building in October 2015, and perhaps the most necessary first step we had to take was to present our values at the forefront to set the pace for what we believe in, and how we work. The rest of our offices’ amenities and conveniences were assembled around our values, and fell perfectly like jigsaw pieces to a puzzle.

Greener Pastures

Our move back in 2015 came after company-wide surveys of our needs, and one of the major challenges we had to overcome was the lack of meeting rooms we previously faced. And now, we have an abundance of meeting rooms and collaboration spots, all named after iconic locations in Singapore, bolstering engagements and boosting team spirit and morale. On the same level, welcoming you for a breather from work, is the sky terrace. Greening buildings in our built-up urban environment is imperative to sustainability, and does well to tempt our colleagues into a stroll through the natural environment.

Communication Done Better

Canon has come so far because we recognize the diverse set of skills and talents that collaborate across various departments. While streamlining our processes is imperative, we’ve made it a point to structure the office environment in order to suit the various needs and functions of each department. We’ve created an open layout where our Planning Department sits to facilitate a culture where communication can flow freely. An unenclosed working space means discussions often happen spontaneously, so work tends to get done rather quickly here.randompullout

At the other end of the office, sits our Business Sales Division, where our Sales forces thrive in a hot desking system. For a department that’s constantly on-the-go, freedom and adaptability is key, and designated lockers allow various Sales clusters to gather in a fluid seating arrangement. Other shared spaces include several utility rooms that double as printing areas, where we put our own technologies to good use. Through our printing software, uniFLOW, we cut down on paper wastage and clutter.

Happy and Healthy Colleagues

Any company’s measure of success should extend beyond pure toil and we ensure minimal wastage at every turn – from conservation boxes in our utility rooms, to the office pantry that has been stocked with ceramic cups. We’ve made it a point to accommodate pockets of leisure spaces within the office, such as having a café on every floor. The Pulau Ubin café, inspired by its island namesake, has been designed in the spirit of the Kampong, in order to foster community values amongst our staff. We’ve also installed a Self-Health Check corner where regular health screenings and exercise programmes take place.


Transformation Now

The move from back in October of 2015 came as a timely opportunity to improve, and look ahead to the future for Canon. Having built on the bricks that stuck close to our values through the years, we looked to carry on the tradition of kyosei, and together we have fostered a healthy relationship between our peers, whilst holding our integrity of our business in an effective and sustainable way.

Workplace environment is but one of many elements that continuously evolve in a progressive business landscape. Register and head on down to our Think Big Leadership Business Series 2017, themed Transformation Now, to find out how else your business can advance with the times.

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