Fun and versatile printing on the move

The Selphy CP1200 is a great companion for users at events such as family excursions, parties and other gatherings. Designed with fun in mind, the layout features easy to understand buttons to take the user along the three steps of printing: choose an image, choose the number of prints, and press the Print button.
  • 54 prints on a single battery charge
  • Optional direct battery connection
  • Wi-Fi button and reprinting
SELPHY CP1200 - Canon Singapore - Personal
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Fun and quality pictures on the go

To encourage more experimentation and fun prints, the CP1200 can now print 54 prints on a single battery charge – about 1.5 times as many as the previous model. With the increased capacity of prints, you can try out the many new fun layouts and sizes, like 2-up printing on postcard or L-sized paper.

Simple interface

With its simple button layout that provides intuitive control, anyone at a gathering will be able to easily print their own photos for instant record keeping. Photos can directly be accessed from smart devices via Wi-Fi. The connectivity is designed such that almost anybody can connect their device to it for quick and convenient photo printing.

Greater convenience and portability

CP1200 allows prints from applications in iOS that supports Airprint without the installation of printer drivers. Since it is also Wi-Fi enabled, this printer is free from requiring any cabled connections. With the optional direct battery connection, users are able to use the CP1200 in any location, making this printer more portable than ever before.

Specifications for SELPHY CP1200

Consumables for SELPHY CP1200


$ 199.00

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