CR-2 Plus

Non-myd digital retinal camera
Loaded with new features including FAF photography

CR-2 Plus has sought to achieve the best photography possible to meet the high standards of eye care professionals with FAF capabilities and various ISO settings to service all sorts of retinal imaging needs.
  • Fundus auto fluorescence (FAF) photography as a standard feature
  • Dedicated EOS digital camera (18.0 Megapixels) for high-resolution imaging
  • High quality, low noise & efficient throughput from a wide range of settings
  • Digital red-free and digital cobalt image reproduction
CR-2 Plus - Canon Singapore - Business
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FAF-capable photography

FAF photography, useful for the early detection and progressive observation of AMD, is incorporated with the CR-2 Plus as a standard feature, selectable with the press of a button, optimizing image processing and testing time

High-resolution 18.0 megapixel image quality

The on-board 18.0 megapixel EOS digital camera effectively provides high-quality, high-resolution images. With the adopted vari-angle LCD monitor, freely change the angle of the screen for easy viewing. For example, the monitor can be angled upward when shooting while standing.

High-quality, wide range of ISO settings

CR-2 Plus supports a wide range of ISO speeds. A shooting speed of ISO 200 makes possible the output of images with high quality and low noise. Low flash intensity shooting at ISO 6400 reduces the patient discomfort during successive photography.

Digital Red Free / Cobalt

CR-2 Plus extracts each colour element from the image digitally to display images similar to actual optical-filtered red-free and cobalt photographs. These generated images can be utilized for extensive analysis on different layers of the retina.

Specifications for CR-2 Plus

CR-2 Plus